I really wanted to share this little happiness hack because it’s made a big difference in my day-to-day life lately. I’m HUGE on podcasts. I have them on while I do the laundry, while I cook, while I drive… basically anytime that I can be listening to something in the background, a podcast is on. One of my favorites is Happier with Gretchen Rubin which is where I got this tip.





Gretchen suggests that we should do something each day of the week that sets it apart from the rest. This would ideally be something we could look forward to when that day rolls around. For example, “Taco Tuesday” would be distinct for every Tuesday. 

It’s pretty easy to hustle and bustle through our days. We can get too caught up in the grind, checking off tasks and we forget to focus on what makes us happy. There is no reason that we can’t get excited about a random Tuesday… or better yet… MONDAY haha.

I love this happiness hack because I see it as a way to be intentional about our happiness. Happiness is an inside job and I’ve started implementing this, finding even more joy in my days so I wanted to share in hopes it helps you smile more too!


I first heard this podcast while I was folding laundry, I immediately clicked the notes section on my phone and jotted down the first things that came into my mind. I wanted to share my initial list with you.


MONDAY – work in sweats, tv shows

Monday I do computer/writing work all day long. It can feel like a long day but I do it because this work is very important to my job and I like to ensure it gets done (or almost done lol) on Monday. What helps get me “excited” about this long work day is that I allow myself to work in sweats, maybe even do my computer work somewhere comfy like a coffee shop. Coincidentally, many of my favorite television shows air on Mondays so I dedicate Monday night to being lazy (give myself permission not to worry about house tasks) and watching shows. It honestly gets me through a busy work day knowing I can completely chill that evening. 


TUESDAY – Taco Tuesday

I’ve heard Taco Tuesday a million times but when Gretchen shared this idea in her podcast, I thought, “wait why don’t I ever do that.” I’m officially beginning Taco Tuesday. To make it even more fun, I may try out different taco recipes each week!


WEDNESDAY – Grocery Shopping Adventure

For some reason, my son Leo just LOVES the grocery store. His eyes light up as we walk through the produce section. He waves at people (and glares down others haha). I swear he is just so happy in the grocery store, so instead of rushing in and out of the store, we like to go as a family. We also are pretty strategic with our meal planning/grocery shopping; we do a big shop on the weekend and a mini shop mid week. Wednesdays = grocery shopping & a little adventure after… dinner, more shopping, wherever the wind takes us…



Another idea I stole from Gretchen. If you guys like these ideas, I really know you’d love her podcast. In another episode, she talked about scheduling dates with yourself. She suggests they should be for pure fun and nothing else and that you should put them in your planner as you would a dentist appointment. Sometime on Thursdays, I’m going to do something for myself whether that’s wandering around Target alone and having no reason for being there or getting my nails done or whatever.



When Anthony and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary last month, we decided to do a day date instead of a more traditional date night. The popular restaurant we went to was nearly empty. We went shopping and the lines were nonexistent. The roads weren’t busy. It was amazing. I thought, why don’t we do more day dates.  Because my husband and I work together, I thought why not go out to lunch on Friday to get some work done and enjoy each other’s company outside of our home office. 


SATURDAY – no work

I hate to be one of those people who is like “I work 7 days a week” because if I was super strategic and on top of everything, I wouldn’t have to but the truth is, I do work pretty much ever day of the week. However, now that I have a family and the older I get, the more I recognize the importance of unplugging. Saturdays I try my very hardest not to work and not to worry about posting to social media unless I really enjoy it. 


SUNDAY – family dinner + froyo

Sundays have always been a family day for us. We almost always see my extended family and usually it’s around some sort of delicious meal. Just recently, we started taking Leo out for frozen yogurt. Just like his mama, he loves it, so I thought, it would be a fun 


What’s also cool about this idea is that it can be applied to your personal life, work, cleaning schedule, etc. This made me think back to when I got my first apartment. I remember I “deep cleaned” and it took me an entire Saturday to clean like 850 square feet. That was my first moment realizing adulthood was overrated haha kidding but what I actually did after that was created a cleaning schedule. 

For example, on Monday I would clean the bathroom (it’s easier when you only have one), on Tuesday I would vacuum and dust… you get the idea. 

Overall, this happiness hack breaks up the monotony that our daily grind can bring and help bring more joy to the ordinary.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


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