ConfidenceKini Extreme Week- Day 3

Enjoy the treat that is your Day 3 “less extreme” ConfidenceKini Extreme Week workout. In order for this week of insane workouts to be beneficial, we definitely need a day off from weight training to allow our muscles to recover. Remember- rest and recovery is a key part of any program. The go harder approach is not always the smartest approach. It’s only through rest and recovery that our muscle cells are repairing themselves in order to allow us to see what we commonly call “results.” Lucky you… here is a slightly less intense workout. Enjoy it because tomorrow is truly insane!



This week of extreme workouts is a challenge I would love you to take me up on! It kicks off our summer momentum for getting in our best shape. I’ll have another plan following this week that we will follow until the summer challenge.

It’s about quick, intense workouts – as always! #30MinuteWorkoutRevolution

This week is going to be FUN! (kind of lol). To make up for all the sweat and pain I will likely cause you, I’m doing a giveaway EVERY DAY on Instagram so be sure to check in with me there too.




I suggest just one round but you can always cut or add on time if you’d like!

lauren gleisberg cardio workout



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