Sunday Q+A (treat meal portions, time management, sunglasses, spring challenge)

Happy Sunday! I have another Sunday Q&A for you this week. If you haven’t noticed (please please please tell me you have hehe), I’m working to step the content up on the blog. I want my website to be a place where you can go to, feeling like you’re connecting with a girlfriend: getting a workout idea, feeling cheered on, receiving the answer to the common” hey girl where did you get that” question and so much more. Last week’s Q&A was the first of this series so I hope you enjoy this one too!


Q: I have your meal plan so I’m aware of your recommended portions. When you eat treats, do you try to keep the portions in mind or eat as much as you want?

A: I’ll cut right to it – I have 2 different ways that I enjoy treats: 1) within the portions guidelines and 2) indulging 

Let me also say that there are times in my journey where I’m more relaxed with what I eat and times when I’m more focused on it (before a trip, special event, whenever I want to do that for myself, etc.)

When I’m in that more focused zone,  more of my treats will have controlled portions and I’ll limit the frequency (maybe like 1-2/week). When I’m more relaxed, I do enjoy “treats” like every day to every other day. I’ll have a handful of chips as my carb for lunch or a little of the dessert my friend brought over for me.

Other times, I totally enjoy a treat without limits. That’s balance to me.

For more on how I eat treats regularly and still see progress like muscle and abs, read THIS post!


Q: Can you share more on how you’re time blocking to get more done?

A: In Friday’s workout post, I wrote a section called the “Friday Five” which is 5 random things I’m into this week. It’s a fun and quick read like while stretching after that leg workout!

Anyway… my best $15 spent on Amazon in 2018 is without a doubt the Miracle Cube.

It looks like an oversized dice with 5min, 15min, 30min and 60min sides. You basically pick whatever time you’re allotting yourself to complete a task. Then, turn the cube on, place that time facing up and the miracle cube starts. For some reason, it really is miraculous. I think it’s because it blinks a red light to remind you to stay focused until the timer goes off. The light isn’t annoying; in fact, I forget about it but it’s just enough that when my eyes wander, I’m reminded to refocus.


1. CLEANING – I try to pick up every evening just to start the next day with a clean house. I’ve been setting this cube to 15 or 30 minutes (depending on how much of a disaster my home is that day lol) and I go to work. Whatever I finish in that time, great and whatever I don’t get to, I simply leave. It would be AWESOME for kids!

2. WORK TASKS – those of you who do a lot of computer work may relate to this… I’ll begin a task like emails and then in responding, I’ll have to search something online. 6 minutes later, I’ve somehow found myself doing something else totally unrelated (working on a blog post, maybe adding something to my shopping cart, sending a text). When I know I’m begin timed and see the flashing light as a reminder… I stay super focused.

I was initially skeptical like “I could just set the timer on my microwave or phone” which is why I didn’t buy this for the first year I heard about it but there’s just something miraculous about the miracle cube! Now, I swear by it!


Q: Where do you get all your sunglasses?

A: I feel like I’m always getting asked about sunglasses and the funny thing is that I don’t have all that many but I’m happy to share the details of the ones I’ve posted recently.

Last week, I shared these splurge sunglasses that would literally give my husband a heart attack if he saw the receipt for but I’ve had them for years and wear them almost every day so that’s my justification?!


It’s probably why I now shop for sunnies at…

… hellllllllo Amazon 8)


$250 sunglasses $9.99 sunglasses

I’ve always loved these Karen Walker sunglasses but $$$

Amazon sells an almost identical pair for $9.99 – I have them in black and tortoise.


Last week on Instagram, I shared a pair of pink heart sunglasses which I got last year on Amazon too! They’re just fun and inexpensive.

lauren gleisberg wearing a white target dress and pink heart sunglasses


That’s probably not where you were expecting my sunglasses shopping to go down haha but if you too are all about an $10 pair from Amazon, we should be best friends!



Q: When is the next fitness challenge going to start?

A: I love this question! Right now, we are following the Spring Workout Calendar Plan and next month, the ConfidenceKini Challenge begins. It always proves to be one of the most exciting challenges of the year because of the community energy and workout style.

Everyone seems extra committed to their health goals in spring which is a very inspirational energy to be around. The workouts are fast-paced, intense, high-sweat… all the good stuff to help you sculpt and really see muscle definition.

Currently, I’m working on what the Premium Challenge Pack will include and I have something I’m ridiculously excited about!

If you’re not familiar with my challenges….

They’re contain everything you need to help you get in great shape physically and mentally: a daily workout, new recipes, tips and tricks and community support and accountability.

There is always a free version and then I put together a Premium Challenge Pack for a very affordable price that you can join in to get a lot of extras and “premium” features like the workouts ahead of time for planning purposes, a challenge planner, extra cardio & ab workouts, etc.

Plus, meal plan members receive weekly meal menus with new recipes every week. If you haven’t yet done one of my challenges, this one is a GREAT challenge to start with!


^^This picture was from last year’s ConfidenceKini Challenge (ah, I’m getting all the feels for the upcoming one!)

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