5 Green Recipes to Try for St. Paddy’s Day

Why not have a little bit of food fun as we head into St. Paddy’s Day weekend?! Here are 5 green recipes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! I am not Irish but I am certainly not one to turn down a celebration… or food. So, cheers to the patron Saint of Ireland, to all those celebrating and to good, green food.

In all seriousness, I know there are a lot of work and school celebrations where people bring green food this week, so I thought this post was fitting.

Debbie, my mom who most of you have “met” by now is the best at celebrations. She has an amazing ability to make an ordinary day special and a special day (like a holiday) something to remember forever. To celebrate St. Patrick’s day, my mom used to make us green eggs and ham and she must have let in that little leprechaun so he could dye our milk green.

I hope to carry on those same fun things in my home so I’m going to be making the green eggs and ham below this weekend and maybe those green muffins! It’s been awhile since I had those; don’t let all the green fool you… these are all delicious meals.

Anyone have fun plans for St. Paddys? Who lives in Chicago?? I feel like that is the most fun place to be this weekend! You can find me eating of the recipes below… and probably a shamrock shake (not my healthier version though lol).




Okay, this is my healthier take on the original McDonalds version. If I’m being honest… it’s good but it’s certainly not the original. If you’re looking for a treat, head to Mickey D’s but if you’re looking for a yummy mint smoothie, this is amazingggg.

healthy shamrock shake for st patrick's day




A classic with a twist. This is a fun weekend meal because it feeds several people and comes out of the oven warm and ready to eat!

breakfast casserole green eggs and ham




If you’ve made these before, chances are you’re raving about them. They’re definitely a conversation starter- walk into your office with these haha.




This would make for a delicious dinner on St. Paddy’s day. It’s one of those healthy yet will please the whole family type of meals.

cheeseburger salad




I first shared this recipe around Thanksgiving. Admittedly, green bean casserole is my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal and if I had it my way, I would make it for every holiday. This recipe is on the lighter side yet tastes just as good.

thanksgiving green bean casserole

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