Shoulders – 11/11

-cable shoulder press (using handle attachments)
-dumbbell upright row
     -superset with standing dumbbell military press
-dumbbell lateral raises
-seated dumbbell front raises (position bench in an inclined chest press form; only lower arms about half way)
-dumbbell rear delt flys

I constructed this workout today, and my boyfriend agreed to follow my lead; this workout killed a 225lb muscle head, so I am sure it will be great for you all as well 🙂 As always with shoulders, be sure to go heavy enough to work the muscles but not too heavy to where you lose form.

Dedication = running to the gym in the pouring rain! Dedication or craziness?? 😉 Stocked up on a few grocery items – super excited about the pre-cut crinkle cut sweet potatoes I found in the produce section; going to make some yummy sweet potato fries – not even considered a clean cheat ladies, if you bake using no salt, just seasoning = all clean 😀

I had an amazing weekend; spent some extra quality time with my man – realizing the key to a long lasting relationship is making your bf/gf fall in love with you over and over every single day! I hope you all had a wonderful & healthy weekend; get geared up for a great week – start thinking about this weeks goals. Check back tomorrow for my goals this week, along with Q&A Monday!

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